How Can The Cost Of The Operation Increase Of The Company Doesn’t Believe In Recognition Of Staff?

What will happen if the company appreciates its employees? Of course, the employees would want to stay with the company and not leave it any time soon too. It is not just that; even if the employees don’t quit the job just to keep that income coming, there can be serious losses to the company too.

employee recognition

Here, let’s get to know what will happen if the employer doesn’t learn why is employee recognition important,

  1. The productivity will decrease: If someone is working so hard and they are making a lot of effort in work, they would love good words for that. But if every day is just the same and no matter if they work hard or normal like others, nothing will change; they will become lethargic. So once this happens, the people would want to be normal and just get the salary. This will decrease productivity, and the outcome will be bad for the company.
  2. Increase in turnover: The employees will leave the job, and that is why it will become crucial for the company to incorporate new ones. For that, the resources will be wasted, the time will be wasted, and of course, the productivity won’t be the same too. This is bad for the company, and starting from scratch with another employee is not that easy too.

There are not just these two issues that we could see, there are a lot of negative points regarding this. so it is better to give the employees the appreciation than not at all.