Benefits of celery for health

Benefits of celery for health

The benefits of celery for health and how to make it. Bloggers, this time I will share the benefits of Seeldri plants for health, including for health with the smooth running of our urine.

Celery leaves have the properties of dry heat and some say it is moist. It is efficacious for launching urine, beneficial for the digestive and cold spleen, launching means, destroying stones in the bladder, grasping lust and useful to eliminate bad smell of breath.

In addition to the aforementioned properties, celery can also be used as a cosmetic ingredient. It can be used as a refresher to make oily facial skin drier and normal. Also useful is cleaning small irritations.

How to make or mix it:

Celery is washed, then put into a small bowl, then pour boiling hot water. Leave it for ¼ hours, it will smell sweet aroma of celery, if it is so, then he prepared as a facial freshener.

How to use it:

Remove the celery leaves from the bowl, then keep the water in the refrigerator. In the evening, after being washed, wash your face with celery water until blended, then allow a few moments to dry, rinse with water until clean.

Those are some of the benefits of celery plants for health. If it is pleasing and beneficial for you, please like, share, and comment below.

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