Benefits of Ginger for warmth of the body

Benefits of Ginger for warmth of the body

Various properties contained in ginger.
This time I will share articles about the benefits contained in the ginger.

Ginger is one type of spice that has been widely known for its usefulness for our bodies in particular. While in Latin terms it is called ZINGEBER of FICINALI. ROSE is a family of ZINGI BERACEAE. Jahe is also called sipedas. Jahe is a plant known in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, ginger is planted in an empty yard. Its maintenance is very easy and does not require special care. Ginger use is very easy, and does not require special care. The use of ginger varies greatly, from ingredients to perfume to herbs and medicines. Ginger stem contains a substance called gingeral, which is an ingredient for perfume. Cold areas of ginger are used for drink ingredients so that the body becomes not cold anymore. Indeed, because of its hot dry nature. that, ginger is widely used to cure various diseases caused by moist cold.

Ginger is also very effective to help digest food, cure liver disease as a result of cold and humid air, cure blurred eye disease caused by damp, increase sexual arousal and expel entrenched wind in the stomach and intestines.

To get rid of the cold, take the old ginger and peel it, then scrap it, but not to break it. Bring it with hot water and brown sugar to taste, it tastes good and warm.

To get rid of toothache, take the ginger and grated, then grater grater was rubbed on the cheek, where the tooth is sore. The ginger's heat can reduce and even cure the disease from the tooth.

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