Benefits of Hidden Eggplant for the body

Benefits of Hidden Eggplant for the body

Eggplant fruit contains vitamin P which can prevent hardening of the arteries. And fresh eggplant fruit can be used as an antidote to fungi. Besides that, even eggplant fruit can stop bleeding in the anus, bleeding in dysentery, and bleeding during urination.

To cure a cough, boil white eggplant, then drink with honey.

To cure inflammation of the oral cavity, burn a few pieces of eggplant skin to black like the outer charcoal, but the inside is intact clean. Then mix with honey. Chew like chewing gum.

Eggplant fruit is easy to cook and soft to eat for older people who mostly lose their teeth. Chinese people are rarely affected by brain attacks compared to people in the West, because of the eating habits of the eggplant.

Eating eggplant fruit should be as necessary, because if it exceeds the limit it will cause side effects in the form of hemorrhoids (ambient), appendicitis, leprosy (leprosy), and can damage the skin color and blacken it. Juda can cause a bad smell in the mouth.

That was some of the benefits of eggplant fruit. Hopefully useful.

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