Benefits of onions for health in herbs

Benefits of onions for health in herbs

This time I will share the benefits of onions for herbal health. This time I will share the benefits of onions for our health, all of which are of course the fruit besides being able to spice up the kitchen.

Onions commonly known by mothers in the kitchen are onion and garlic. Both types of onions may only be known as mere cooking flavoring, even though the properties contained in both are very large and numerous.

Let's start with shallots first. The benefits of onions for health are many, and one of them has been clinically proven by Dr. Hendro Martono is the benefits of shallots in reducing glucose and blood fat levels in people with diabetes mellitus.

Because of its hot and slightly moist nature, red onion is very effective for resisting toxic winds, strengthening digestion, adding sperm, enhancing skin color, removing mucus and cleansing digestion.

Shallots cooked are very good for curing jaundice, coughing, chest pain, launching urine, smallpox, canker sores, colds, dog bites and others.

After discussing the benefits of shallots now I will bring the benefits of garlic to our health. Eating garlic is highly recommended for us to make the body healthy, if it cannot stand the smell, it can be eaten with milk or chocolate. cure cold sickness, garlic can also be endurance to be strong, smooth digestion, beauty is the feeling of garlic when taken every day, can make the body become slimmer.

That's what I can share about the benefits of garlic and shallots for health. Please share and like this article if you feel useful.

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