The content and benefits of apples for body health

The content and benefits of apples for body health

 Content of Apples for Body Health. This time I will share what the ingredients and benefits are in this apple. The fruit that is famous for its greatness is dominantly red, although this fruit has a variety of colors.

Apples are fruits that are much favored by both children and parents, it turns out that a very large efficacy in overcoming diarrheal diseases. This is evidenced by several studies by several experts from UGM, that pine apples or other names Turquoise Malus L can cure diarrhea due to Salmonella bacteria.

Diarrhea is indeed one of the diseases that often afflict not only children but also adults. This disease is often underestimated, even though it can cast the soul of the sufferer if it is too late to be given help. Because diarrhea is a cause of reduced amount of fluid in the body and minerals, while both are very needed by the body.

Pectin in apples, according to M.A El Nakeeb and R.T Yousel from Alexandria University in Egypt, as much as 8% While in a concentration of only 1%, pectiin has killed salmonella, levels of pectiin in apples, more than enough to utilize diarrhea bacteria.

Recovery of apples as a diarrhea drug does not provide any side effects at all, because eating large amounts of apples does not harm the body's condition. Even apples are rich in nutrients. Like vitamins C, B1 and A. Whereas mineral substances consist of sodium, calcium and chlor.

Thus the discussion about the content contained in apples
May be beneficial to us all.

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